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Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc. operates in the metalworking industry, and strives in manufacturing customized metal structures.
Over the years, the team has acquired expertise in designing, manufacturing and  installing different steel structures, embedded metals, bridges, industrial equipment, lifting devices and pressure vessels.
Mostly made of steel, we also processes stainless steel and aluminum.
Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc. also has mobile welding unit. We are able to perform welding on worksites.with steel, according to CSA W47. 1, and aluminum, according to CSA W47.2.
Finished products can be either unfinished, painted, galvanized or anodized depending on the type of material and clients specifications.

Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc. is one of the few companies in the industry that offers engineering services.

Our clients requires fabricated metal products that have varying requirements, which are diverse in nature, this is why it is imperative to offer this professional service. As all of the steps required in the manufacturing process is under one roof. From designing, engineering to manufacturing and installing. It provides the customers with a turnkey product and ensures the right solution is created.

Our skilled team have decades of technical expertise in the metalworking industry which means that you can expect customized solutions to suit application needs and requirements as well provide strategic consultation and finding innovative solutions to technical problems.

The project manager guarantees quality and that deadlines are met. This allows better adaptation to the changing and growing demands of the market.

new administration offices

Our new administration offices have been designed with an industrial look in order to show visitors some of our work and what we are able to provide;

-Part of the outside of the building is covered with an aluminum sunscreen structure entirely manufactured by Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc...
 These aluminum venetian blinds represent a new product that the company can offer to its customers.

-Inside the building, some of the metal frame work is exposed providing a real inside look of how the walls are mounted.

-A semi-circle unique design staircase with a central stringboard and steel baluster, varnished in our facilities.

-Finally, a showroom was built with a A1-tonne crane : this showroom also serves for the crane-operator training program.

Social implication

The vision of Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc. is to give back to the local population some recognition for the support they have given to the company, by improving their quality of life, with projects such as FOUTAIN DES JARDINS.

In 2010, Ms. Dubé and Mr. Roy donated to the City of Amqui and the people of the Matapedia Valley a water fountain that has become a nice gathering place for the population. To do this, a site was landscaped with a fountain that reflects the economy, sports, and culture of the Valley. The different geographical natural elements in the Matapedia Valley are represented in this design, agriculture, rivers, forests, geological diversity, the urban landscape, and social activities. This fountain was entirely made by the team of Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc.

Quality policy

  • Listening to the needs of our customers
  • Offering quality products to satisfy our customers
  • Respecting our delivery times
  • Remaining competitive in our manufacturing methods
  • Ensuring a quality working environment for our employees
  • Continuously improving the quality management system


Atelier de Soudure Gilles Roy inc. is dedicated in finding the right balance between the unique needs and specific requirements of each client, all in compliance with current standards and at a competitive price. Atelier de Soudure Gilles Roy inc. is committed to providing a quality product while respecting previously established deadlines.


Loyalty / Honesty
Impeccable / Quality


Our metal manufacturing services are offered in conjunction with welding capabilities in order to deliver projects and products of all sizes and complexities.

Atelier de Soudure Gilles Roy inc. manufactures custom steel and aluminum products such as lifting devices, embedded metals, industrial equipment, stairs, guardrails & handrails, gangways, catwalks, maintenance decks and various metalwork.

The majority of clients come from the mining and industrial industry.


Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc. has always been at the forefront in obtaining certifications. The company understands that these certifications are very important to provide quality products and ensure the growth of the company.

Atelier Soudure Gilles Roy Inc. was the first company to be certified by the welding standards of CSA, W47.1 for steel welding in eastern Québec. Thereafter, it complied with ISO 9001 for quality management. Finally, in recent years the company has obtained the CSA W47.2 certification for aluminum welding qualifications.

In the last several years, the company has been trying to ensure its durability by trying to make up for the shortage of laborers and the increasing amount of work. It is an everyday challenge to increase the turnover of the company while keeping the same number of employees due to the scarcity of laborers. To do this, the company decided to standardize the organization by offering to its workers a practical working environment that is clean, efficient, safe, and enjoyable. The 5S method was recommended. And recently, the LEAN method, a continuous improvement process, has entered the company's practices as well. Not only by optimizing the workspace in the factories, but also in project planning, methods of manufacturing, administrating, and engineering.

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